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[ profile] alchemistseraph is offering:

"Two (2) fimo pendants of three-inches square or smaller, of any design the winner chooses, and attached loop to hang from any chain of your choosing."


"One (1) tray of chocolate-peanut-butter oat cookies, made with organic ingredients. "

I promised to post a link here. The auction is on LiveJournal and expires in two weeks.

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So I've been in a dumpy spot before and had to ask for help. I was, as usual, floored by the response of good human people.

So I return the favor!

What You Are Bidding On!

You are bidding on one pair (1) of knitted mittens OR fingerless mitts with a gusseted thumb spot. I would offer pictures but the last few times I've knitted, the items were snatched off the blocking board with gleeful cackles before I could take pictures. Silly people.

They can be knit in your choice of colors and fiber types (limited to wool, wool blend, acrylic, bamboo, cotton/corn[such a weird combo, but o so nice] and there's a couple of others...) to your hand size (or someone else's, I'm not picky).

In Addition!

You will also receive your choice of bread! 7 Grain Bread or Sourdough. For international winners, you will receive something else - Pralines! Om nom nom. So tasty. So delicious. So sugary.

There you have it! Candy or bread and your choice of mitts or mittens! Come on, you know you want them. Can't you feel that lovely fiber against your hands and that tasty treat on your tongue?


$10 That's right, $10 for the whole thing. If the bid goes above $30, I'll throw in a Byzantine pattern chain mail bracelet in aluminum. Hand made by yours truly. You know you want never-tarnishing bling.


20 March.

Come on, share the love!
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I live down the street from a place that makes the most amazing candy, and I would like to share this candy with you!

I also live in Canada, and I understand that we have awesome candy here that you, gentle reader, may not have in your country! Om nom nom, Canadian-candy! Like ketchup chips! And nibs! And pop tarts! And smarties made with chocolate rather than whatever the heck they make them with in the US - what is up with that?

My Offer: I would select and ship to you a box of delightful candies. If you give me no guidance, I will pick the bulk of my candies from the locally owned and wheelchair accessible Sugah, of which you can see a delightful sample at their online ordering page. Om nom nom, white chocolate stuffed with Canadian maple sugar! Rum cake! White chocolate tablets with cranberries. Mmmmm......

However! You, gentle reader, may not wish to have only the chocolate-coated delights of Sugah. If you wish, I can instead send you some Canadian-specific candy of your choice! (Please note: I will not buy Nestle Products.)

I have allergies/I don't like maple sugar/I just don't want any of your stupid white chocolate: That is okay! Once I have a winning bidder we will discuss these concerns and arrange things accordingly. Sending you something you don't want would be bad.

Okay, but how much candy?: I'm looking to spend around $20 CDN. If you only want the awesome stuff from Sugah, then you can see above how much you can get with that amount. If you're wanting more generalized candy, it may come out to a lot more.
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This Auction will close on March 10th.
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To the highest bidder, I will post 2 packets of Tim Tams (and assorted random Australian chocolates/lollies to fill up the box!) anywhere in the world. Postage is at my expense. I will most likely be able to purchase the varieties of your choice but please also choose a back-up flavour in case your first choice is not available.

Please note: I am undergoing post-cancer treatment (though unlike [personal profile] delight's mother, I live in a country with universal health care and it's not a financial burden) and may not be able to post until 30th March. I will, of course, do so sooner if I can.

Tim Tams are produced in a factory that also processes nut and egg products, and contain gluten, soy and dairy.

Starting bid: $5
Closing date: Sunday 13th March 11:59pm your time - BIDDING IS NOW CLOSED
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You can see things I've created at: My livejournal and my AO3 account. I don't have any examples of work for my cookies, but they are tasty? And I did this for [community profile] help_haiti and [community profile] help_pakistan and have a bunch of former auction winners who would probably be references if you would like them.

I am offering: One dozen cookies plus one short piece of fan fiction (at least 200 words) for the three highest bidders. I will somehow theme the cookies and the drabble together, though as a disclaimer, the themed connection may be gleefully sucky! Will ship to the U.S. or Canada and will pay for the shipping myself.

Fandoms: Glee, Scott Pilgrim (comics or movie), The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (books or series), Ugly Betty, Psych, Burn Notice, Scooby Doo, Community, How I Met Your Mother, Leverage, Star Wars (original trilogy + EU), Sherlock Holmes (2009 film), Bones, Hellboy (movies or comics), iCarly, National Treasure, M*A*S*H, Firefly, NCIS, Sons of Anarchy... I'm more than happy to take a shot at pretty much anything that I am remotely familiar with.

Additional info: So what I'll need to know from winners is this: fandom(s), character(s), and/or prompt(s) for the drabble. I don't usually do anything super kinky and I don't write darkfic, but that's pretty much it for disclaimers! For the cookies, I'll need to know if you have any food allergies that I should be aware of, and what sort of flavors you dig in cookies. I'm going to choose the type of cookies myself for ease of baking and shipping (I don't want to ship you a box of crumbs!), but if you are deathly allergic to peanuts or really love dark chocolate or have other dietary considerations, I'll totally work with that! I'll also run the type by you for approval before I bake them and send them off.

I will most likely be working with recipes from this cookbook; the recipes are dairy- and egg-free, but as a non-vegan myself, I can assure you that they taste just like regular cookies and they are super tasty.

Final note: These packages take some time to put together; I'll likely send out one per week through March.

Starting bid/Number of items offered: Starting bid of $5 / I'll do this for the top three bidders

Auction closes: Sunday, March 6, 9:00 P.M. EST
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