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I'm posting on behalf of an auction donor who isn't a Dreamwidth user. Her entry follows!

Hi! My name is Molly Moonbeast, and my item up for auction is a hand-sewn plushie of any character of your choice.

I'm a novice plushie maker, and my style is very simple/rustic (visible stitches, sometimes on purpose) and cartoony (The Great Showdowns series is a huge influence). My plushies are made from felt and recycled buttons and fabric accents. They're stuffed with plastic grocery bags for that extra hint of eco-friendliness. Here is an example of a plushie Monty Python character, Cardinal Fang from the Spanish Inquisition sketch, that I recently made for a craft swap (with a vitamin bottle for size comparison). Your finished plushie will be between six and ten inches in length depending on the character.

If you are the winner, you'll need to send me a Paypal reciept of your donation along with your plushie request. If you'd like an original character, please give me a visual reference.

Postage details: postage is included for US and Canada, will cover half for everywhere else. plushie will be sent via US Mail and shipped out by April 1 at the latest

Starting bid: $10 USD

Auction closes: Friday, March 25 at 11 PM EST.

Bid by commenting. If you have any questions, email me at zinesandskafiends[at]yahoo[dot]com


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