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Auction one and two


This pink glass bead necklace, or one made in a similar style, to your specifications: Image under cut )

Starting bid

$4 for the existing necklace.

$6 for a custom necklace.

Postage and packing to be covered by me.

Auctions three and four


These pink glass bead earrings, or a pair made in a similar style, to your specifications: Image under cut )

Starting bid

$2 for the existing earrings (as you see, one is slightly damaged. I would actually make up a replacement for this so you would receive an undamaged pair.)

$5 for custom earrings.

Postage and packing to be covered by me.

Auctions end 12noon GMT, Saturday 19 March.
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[livejournal.com profile] alchemistseraph is offering:

"Two (2) fimo pendants of three-inches square or smaller, of any design the winner chooses, and attached loop to hang from any chain of your choosing."


"One (1) tray of chocolate-peanut-butter oat cookies, made with organic ingredients. "

I promised to post a link here. The auction is on LiveJournal and expires in two weeks.

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What You Are Bidding On!

You are bidding on one (1) necklace/bracelet set of aluminum Byzantine pattern.

Shiny bling, folks, shiny bling.

The necklace probably won't go much longer than 20in//50.8cm because then it gets unwieldy to make. Light, strong, never tarnishing* bling.


$10 Hand made by yours truly. You know you want never-tarnishing bling.


20 March.

Come on, share the love!

*Aluminium does eventually oxidize. But it takes for friggin' ever to do so. The non-tarnishing still applies.
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So I've been in a dumpy spot before and had to ask for help. I was, as usual, floored by the response of good human people.

So I return the favor!

What You Are Bidding On!

You are bidding on one pair (1) of knitted mittens OR fingerless mitts with a gusseted thumb spot. I would offer pictures but the last few times I've knitted, the items were snatched off the blocking board with gleeful cackles before I could take pictures. Silly people.

They can be knit in your choice of colors and fiber types (limited to wool, wool blend, acrylic, bamboo, cotton/corn[such a weird combo, but o so nice] and there's a couple of others...) to your hand size (or someone else's, I'm not picky).

In Addition!

You will also receive your choice of bread! 7 Grain Bread or Sourdough. For international winners, you will receive something else - Pralines! Om nom nom. So tasty. So delicious. So sugary.

There you have it! Candy or bread and your choice of mitts or mittens! Come on, you know you want them. Can't you feel that lovely fiber against your hands and that tasty treat on your tongue?


$10 That's right, $10 for the whole thing. If the bid goes above $30, I'll throw in a Byzantine pattern chain mail bracelet in aluminum. Hand made by yours truly. You know you want never-tarnishing bling.


20 March.

Come on, share the love!
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I'm posting on behalf of an auction donor who isn't a Dreamwidth user. Her entry follows!

Hi! My name is Molly Moonbeast, and my item up for auction is a hand-sewn plushie of any character of your choice.

I'm a novice plushie maker, and my style is very simple/rustic (visible stitches, sometimes on purpose) and cartoony (The Great Showdowns series is a huge influence). My plushies are made from felt and recycled buttons and fabric accents. They're stuffed with plastic grocery bags for that extra hint of eco-friendliness. Here is an example of a plushie Monty Python character, Cardinal Fang from the Spanish Inquisition sketch, that I recently made for a craft swap (with a vitamin bottle for size comparison). Your finished plushie will be between six and ten inches in length depending on the character.

If you are the winner, you'll need to send me a Paypal reciept of your donation along with your plushie request. If you'd like an original character, please give me a visual reference.

Postage details: postage is included for US and Canada, will cover half for everywhere else. plushie will be sent via US Mail and shipped out by April 1 at the latest

Starting bid: $10 USD

Auction closes: Friday, March 25 at 11 PM EST.

Bid by commenting. If you have any questions, email me at zinesandskafiends[at]yahoo[dot]com
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Offering: One pendant, suitable for suspending from a necklace, made from a button, a bead of uncertain heritage, and nickel-free wire.

Pics behind the cut... )

It's 1 1/8 inches (27 mm) wide and, counting the loop at the top, 2 inches (51mm) tall.

Starting Bid: $5. If the bidding goes over $20, I'll find something to give the runnerup, too.

Postage and Packaging: It's small; I'll ship it anywhere you like, though it might wind up going by the slowest mail possible.

Questions: Ask, and ye shall receive.

Please bid below!


Auction is over,and we have a winnah!


Mar. 4th, 2011 11:53 am
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I Am Offering: 2 vintage style feminine aprons, either half style with ruffles or full style. Other examples: Large full style, large half style. Offering one of each type, any size (S, M, L), choice of fabrics from my stash (or will locate other fabric if necessary). Will cover shipping in US and Canada, and half of shipping outside the US.

Starting Bid: for half style starts at $5, bid for full starts at $7.

Auction Ends: Monday March 7 at 9pm EST.

Comment here or email me at viniel@gmail.com to bid.
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i'm offering 500 words of fic for every $5 (USD) donated to [personal profile] delight--just donate and tell me whatever you want to see written. no limits, save for that i don't know actually, um, any fandoms and thus cannot do fanfiction!

or, if you prefer, for every $15 (USD) donated, i will bind you a pocket-sized (around 5" in height) custom book of your choosing. just e-mail me (marika [at] windstream [dot] net) with how you'd like your book to be. you can also e-mail me to discuss different sizes and types of books for larger donations.

you can see examples of my writing here and examples (and a commission form you can use to tell me what kind of book you're looking for) of my bookbinding over here.
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You can see things I've made at my Ravelry page or some samples here.

I am offering: A pair of fingerless gloves, similar to these. Your choice of color and fiber, and I am open to modifying the pattern somewhat. If you're not interested in fingerless gloves, but have something else that you'd like, feel free to message me and we can discuss it.

Starting bid: $5.

Auction closes: Friday, March 11, 11:00 PM PST.
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