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I live down the street from a place that makes the most amazing candy, and I would like to share this candy with you!

I also live in Canada, and I understand that we have awesome candy here that you, gentle reader, may not have in your country! Om nom nom, Canadian-candy! Like ketchup chips! And nibs! And pop tarts! And smarties made with chocolate rather than whatever the heck they make them with in the US - what is up with that?

My Offer: I would select and ship to you a box of delightful candies. If you give me no guidance, I will pick the bulk of my candies from the locally owned and wheelchair accessible Sugah, of which you can see a delightful sample at their online ordering page. Om nom nom, white chocolate stuffed with Canadian maple sugar! Rum cake! White chocolate tablets with cranberries. Mmmmm......

However! You, gentle reader, may not wish to have only the chocolate-coated delights of Sugah. If you wish, I can instead send you some Canadian-specific candy of your choice! (Please note: I will not buy Nestle Products.)

I have allergies/I don't like maple sugar/I just don't want any of your stupid white chocolate: That is okay! Once I have a winning bidder we will discuss these concerns and arrange things accordingly. Sending you something you don't want would be bad.

Okay, but how much candy?: I'm looking to spend around $20 CDN. If you only want the awesome stuff from Sugah, then you can see above how much you can get with that amount. If you're wanting more generalized candy, it may come out to a lot more.

Starting Bid: $1.00

Postage and Packaging: I'm going to ship this delightful candy array in a box, unless you're okay with me sending it in a padded envelope. I will not send it in a padded envelope if your request includes chips, because that's just an accident waiting to happen. It will post on slow mail, and I will forward you my information on shipping as soon as it is shipped.

Questions: Please email me: anna @ annaoverseas dot com. I should warn you that I am thesising at the moment and it may end up taking me a while to get to your question.

This Auction will close on March 10th.
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