Mar. 9th, 2011

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 This fantastic custom costume action expires today. If you have a hankering for steampunk skirts or waistcoats, get over there, fast!

We have two auctions expiring tomorrow, and one of them has no bids! This makes the mel very sad. I'd better see a bidding war on there by lunch or I am going to be very disappointed. You wouldn't like me when I'm disappointed, Dreamwidth. 

So many people have done so much for [personal profile] delight , but she is definitely not out of the woods! While she has some time to raise funds, I'd rather see her meeting her goal and feeling comfortable than trapped in endless stress about money, because she has quite enough to be getting on with as it is. If you can afford to bid, please bid, because every little bit counts. If you can afford to donate something, please do so, and keep this auction rolling!
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[ profile] alchemistseraph is offering:

"Two (2) fimo pendants of three-inches square or smaller, of any design the winner chooses, and attached loop to hang from any chain of your choosing."


"One (1) tray of chocolate-peanut-butter oat cookies, made with organic ingredients. "

I promised to post a link here. The auction is on LiveJournal and expires in two weeks.


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