Mar. 6th, 2011

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[personal profile] delight updated this weekend with information on her current fundraising progress. More donations (of auction items or cash!) are definitely needed so please make sure to keep spreading the word (everywhere BUT Facebook). 

These auctions expire today
 (7 March, I edited to update the link), so get your bids in while you can.

These auctions have no bids and are sad and lonely:


My own fiction auction (!), offering three short stories on themes chosen by the winners.
Yay [personal profile] gowan for starting off the bidding!

[personal profile] majesdane offering at least 1,000 words 'in any of the following fandoms: Skins (US/UK/all gens -- no RPF though), Runaways (comic), Pretty Little Liars, Dollhouse, Saw, South of Nowhere, and any combination of crossover pairings involving these fandoms.' With any character pairing! What are you waiting for?!

[personal profile] greenbirds , upping the ante with at least 1,500 words, from fandoms like 'NCISes, Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary, and Babylon 5, though I'm happy to write other things including the McCaffrey 'verses, Star Trek: TNG, GI Joe movieverse, Tamora Pierce, and Dune (Frank's books only, please).' How awesome is [personal profile] sotto_voce  for being the intrepid first bidder? Very awesome!

[personal profile] mercredigirl , also offering original fiction! Want at least 500 words in a SEAsian setting, SFF genre? You know where to bid


One hand-sewn plushie of a character of your choice, offered by Molly Moonbeast. 

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Original, SFF-genre fiction of at least 500 words in an SEAsian setting with a prompt/theme of your choice.

Minimum bid: $10

You can contact me via PM or by commenting on this post. Bid on this offer by commenting here.

Auction closes at 12nn (GMT+8), March 10 March 12 (extended by two days as of 10.25pm GMT+8 March 9).


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